Trace T8'09

The trace T8'09 was collected from by scraping its tracker since 24 Sep 2009 with 5 minute sampling interval. This trace was collected by Dr. Iosup, and studied by Zhang and et al [1][2]. This community mainly distributes Knoppix linux distributions and only provides legal contents. This trace contains community level and swarm level data: community level data contains the number of leechers and seeders, total number of completed downloads, total traffic and average download progress of all participating peers of each swarm; peer level data contains peerĂ­s ip address with last byte blinded, port number, download amount, upload amount, connected time, sharing ratio, download progress, download speed and upload speed in each measured swarm. And both datasets contain descriptive information of torrents including file name, infohash, added time, file size and number of files in each torrent.  In 2009, until now 160,522 sessions in 12 swarms are measured and the daily throughput of this community is 348 GB.


[1] Boxun Zhang, Alexandru Iosup, Johan Pouwelse, Dick Epema and Henk Sips. On Assessing Measurement Accuracy inBitTorrent Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Networks. Technical Report PDS-2009-005, Delft University of Technology.

[2] Boxun Zhang, Alexandru Iosup, and Dick Epema. The Peer-to-Peer Trace Archive: Design and Comparative Trace Analysis. Technical Report PDS-2010-003, Delft University of Technology.  


Dr. Alexandru Iosup, the PDS group, TU Delft

Copyright note

The trace T8'09 was collected by the PDS group, TU Delft. To use this trace, you must include an acknowledgment to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider referring to the Peer-to-Peer Trace Archive in the acknowledgments.

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Trace T8'09 [310 MB]



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