Trace T2'05

The trace T2'05 was collected from the ThePirateBay with instrumented BitTorrent clients during the period between 05 May 2005 and 11 May 2005, and it was collected by Dr. Iosup and et al, and studied in [1][2][3]. ThePiratecommunity distributes vary types of contents. The trace contains peer level data. which was collected from 4,600 swarms with sampling interval of 2.5 minutes, and in total 35,881,338 sessions were captured, which contains peersí IP address, port number, client ID, download progress (number of downloaded chunks), and error messages. The estimated annual throughput of this community during that period is 12 PB.


[1] A. Iosup, P. Garbacki, J. A. Pouwelse, and D. H. J. Epema. Correlating topology and path characteristics of overlay networks and the internet. In IEEE/ACM Intíl. Symp. on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGrid) Workshops, GP2PC, page 10, 2006.

[2] Boxun Zhang, Alexandru Iosup, Johan Pouwelse, Dick Epema and Henk Sips. On Assessing Measurement Accuracy inBitTorrent Peer-to-Peer File-Sharing Networks. Technical Report PDS-2009-005, Delft University of Technology.

[3] Boxun Zhang, Alexandru Iosup, and Dick Epema. The Peer-to-Peer Trace Archive: Design and Comparative Trace Analysis. Technical Report PDS-2010-003, Delft University of Technology.


Dr. Alexandru Iosup, Dr. Pawel Garbacki, Dr. Johan Pouwelse, and Dr. Dick Epema, the PDS group, TU Delft

Copyright note

The trace T2'05 was collected by the PDS group, TU Delft. To use this trace, you must include an acknowledgment to the source of the data in any published material that refers to the data. Please also consider referring to the Peer-to-Peer Trace Archive in the acknowledgments.

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